It has similar look as cloisonné lapel pins. Soft enamel pins also has many same benefits.

Soft enamel pins are extremely popular not only they are less expensive but customers also like the colorful enamel and the raised metal surface look with optional PMS colors.

Unlike Cloisonné pin, the soft enamel pins get plated first, then the pins are filled in with enamel per customer's request. Soft enamel custom lapel pins can be plated in gold, silver, bronze, and a variety of other finishes to meet your personal needs. Then, they are baked at 450 Fahrenheit degrees for proper color distribution.

At last, pins are hand-polished to complete the soft enamel lapel pin process. An optional epoxy coating can be applied to soft enamel pins, giving additional shiny look and protection against fading and cracking.
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